Kansas Action for Children

All children are born healthy, stay healthy, are surrounded by healthy adults and receive affordable, comprehensive, high quality health care that meets their social, emotional, physical, and dental health needs. The Partnership supports:

  • Health insurance coverage regardless of where children live or their economic circumstance
  • Comprehensive prenatal and postpartum care
  • Mental, dental, vision, and nutrition services as part of that comprehensive coverage
  • Primary, preventive, and developmental health care services
  • Comprehensive family planning services
  • A continuing and regular source of primary care (medical home) that knows the child and family and provides information and guidance to parents and responds to social, emotional, and developmental needs
  • Effective coordination with and referrals to other services needed to address children’s identified developmental and social as well as medical concerns
  • Public health programs that support children’s healthy development


Every state has its own laws, policies and program around children’s health. As a result, Partnership for America’s Children members work to improve children’s health in a wide variety of ways. Below are some of the approaches our members have taken recently to improve children’s health, and initiatives that have been successful:

The Children’s Action Alliance in Arizona's primary children's health goal is to revive the statewide CHIP program, which has been phased out since 2010. Arizona is currently the only state in the country where children do not have access to CHIP. 

Maryland-based Advocates for Children and Youth has made raising the age of eligibility for Medicaid dental benefits for former foster children to 26 a legislative priority.

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