Meet Our Members


Stephen Woerner, Executive Director

The efforts of VOICES for Alabama's Children to introduce and pass a Graduated Teen Driver’s licensing law contributed to a 29% decrease in teen deaths following passage and implementation.


David Lujan, President and CEO

Our annual Through the Eyes of a Child luncheon features a silent auction of donated student artwork and youth entertainment like a high school marching band.


Rich Huddleston, Executive Director

Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2017; one of its founders was Hillary Clinton.


Ted Lempert, President
Robert Fellmeth, Executive Director

The Children’s Advocacy Institute (CAI) is one of the only child advocacy organizations that combines research and policy advocacy before all three branches of government with an academic component. Based at the University of San Diego School of Law, CAI has trained over 700 law students to be effective child advocates over the last 25 years.

Mayra Alvarez, President

Partnership’s 1996 award winning publication, The Parent's Guide to the Information Superhighway: Rules & Tools For Families and accompanying website had such impact and reach that they now sit in the Smithsonian Institution's Archives Center at the National Museum of American History.


Kelly Causey, President and CEO

The Children’s Campaign celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015 – 30 Years Bold!


CAHS focuses on both policy and program development to move kids and families out of poverty, and our policy agenda is strongly informed by our program work and our more than 100 program partners.

Emily Byrne, Executive Director

Connecticut Voices for Children believes that children do best when they live in healthy families and thriving communities. We have led statewide campaigns across a broad range of issues, helping to found broad coalitions that include the Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance, the Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance, and Better Choices for CT. All these alliances remain in existence, with ongoing growth in membership and state policy influence.


Janice Barlow, Director

Devoted to improving the well-being on our state's children, youth and their families, KIDS COUNT in Delaware has been using highly credible research, data collection and education to inform change on behalf of children for the last 25 years. KIDS COUNT in Delaware is a collaborative effort of over forty organizations that is housed within the Center for Community Research & Service at the University of Delaware.

District of Columbia

Kimberly Perry, Executive Director

DC Action helped to pass the landmark Birth to Three for All DC Act which is a legislative blueprint for guaranteeing every family in DC spends no more than 10 percent of their income on high-quality, developmentally-stimulating early childhood education. The Birth-to-Three for All DC Act expands access to critical educational, social, and health services for families with young children.


Roy Miller, President and Founder


Erica Fener Sitkoff, Executive Director


Deborah Zysman, Executive Director

Hawaii Children's Action Network's Senior Community Engagement Specialist often calls community meetings to order by singing children’s songs.


Christine Tiddens, Director

Idaho Voices for Children celebrated its tenth year of existence in 2015.


John Brandon, President

MCCOY has published and distributed the Youth Activity Directory (YAD) - a comprehensive listing of programs that serve youth in central Indiana - for 19 years. In 2015, the YAD was made into a free online app.


Anne Discher, Executive Director

Common Good Iowa celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2014 and will soon celebrate its 25th year as Iowa’s Kids Count organization.


John Wilson, President

Kansas Action for Children was formed in 1979 by the three Junior Leagues of Kansas and the Kansas Children’s Service League.


Terry Brooks, Executive Director

Kentucky Youth Advocates has remained the independent voice for Kentucky’s children for over 40 years. It takes no government money so it can truly be independent.


Jennifer Roberts, CEO

Agenda for Children's CEO, Dr. Anthony Recasner, co-founded the first charter school in New Orleans.


Stephanie Eglinton, Executive Director

Since 1996, Maine Children’s Alliance annually awards community members who "stick their necks out" for Maine kids with an orange Giraffe Award.


Mariama Boney, Executive Director (Interim)

A former Advocates for Children and Youth executive director, Jann Jackson, now helps lead the KIDS COUNT work at the Annie E. Casey Foundation.


Claudnyse (Nyse) D. Holloman, Executive Director

Voices for Children serving Genesee and Shiawassee counties, with locations in Flint and Owasso, Michigan, is a Child Advocacy Center serving as a voice and advocate for all children throughout the communities we serve. Voices for Children serves (1) child survivors of abuse and neglect and their families (including human trafficking), (2) with safety and prevention education, and (3) advocacy for the well-being of the whole child and for every child. Voices for Children is shining a light so all children are empowered, and all families are thriving.

Matt Gillard, President and CEO

Michigan’s Children connects lawmakers directly to young people through their Kidspeak events that simulate legislative hearings and allow youth to set the agenda.


Aubrey Mancuso, Executive Director

Voices for Children in Nebraska was founded in 1987 by Kathy Bigsby Moore, a former foster care parent whose own experiences working with the state moved her to improve the systems that are serving the children of Nebraska.


Dr. Tiffany Tyler-Garner, Executive Director

New Jersey

Cecilia Zalkind, Executive Director

Advocates for Children of New Jersey’s roots grew out of some of the earliest efforts in New Jersey to protect abused and abandoned children. It is in part the successor organization to the Newark Orphan Asylum, which was established in 1847.

New York

Larry Marx, Executive Director

In honor of the Children's Agenda's tenth anniversary, Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks and Rochester City Mayor Lovely Warren officially proclaimed Thursday, November 20, 2014 to be “The Children’s Agenda Day.” United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Congresswoman Louise Slaughter sent proclamations in their honor.

CCC was founded in 1944 by a group of New Yorkers, including Eleanor Roosevelt, who believed that every one had a role to play in making New York City a better place for children. CCC’s advocacy combines public policy research and data analysis with citizen action. We cast light on the issues, educate the public, engage allies, and identify and advocate for practical solutions to ensure that every New York City child is healthy, housed, educated and safe. At the heart of CCC’s fact-based advocacy is Keeping Track of New York City’s Children, the most comprehensive compilation of data on children at the municipal level. Visit or to learn more.

Kate Breslin, President and CEO

The Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy, New York State's policy voice, was founded by Louisa Lee Schuyler, great-granddaughter of Alexander Hamilton.

Allison Lake, Executive Director

Westchester Children’s Association believes every child should be healthy, safe and prepared for life’s challenges. Since 1914, our mission has been to improve the lives of Westchester’s young people by shaping policies and programs to meet their needs, and by keeping their well-being at the top of the public agenda.

North Carolina

Michelle Hughes, Executive Director

Although NC Child is a new agency formed by a merger of two statewide organizations in 2014, we have a legacy of more than three decades in child advocacy from our predecessors.


Mark M. Mecum, Chief Executive Officer

Ohio’s oldest statewide child advocacy organization. Focused on empowering kids, strengthening families, and building a brighter future for Ohio.


Joe Dorman, CEO
405-236-KIDS (5437)

Our Mission: “Creating awareness, taking action, and supporting policy to improve the health, safety, and well-being of Oklahoma’s children.”


Jenifer Wagley, Executive Director

Children First for Oregon is the home of “United for Kids”, an initiative involving more than 75 pro-child advocacy organizations in the state.


Kari King, Executive Director

Nearly 2.8 million children call Pennsylvania home, and Children First is working to make sure every one of those kids has the opportunity to thrive and learn in a healthy, supportive environment.

Rhode Island

Elizabeth Burke Bryant, Executive Director

Policy victories spearheaded by Rhode Island KIDS COUNT include the design and launch of the state’s high quality pre-k program and the creation of Rite Smiles – a Medicaid managed care program for dental care that has dramatically increased the percentage of Medicaid covered children with access to regular preventative oral health care.


Jaunita Veasy, Executive Director

The Black Children’s Institute of Tennessee, created in 1989, is the first and only statewide African American Child Advocacy Organization in the United States.

Richard Kennedy, Executive Director

The Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth has nine regional councils on children and youth across the state with over 3,000 members.


Bob Sanborn, President and CEO

In 1989, several child advocates developed a 60-page research book entitled Children At Risk with a March of Dimes Grant, which highlighted the need for a strong advocate for Houston's Children. The advocates then formed CHILDREN AT RISK.

Stephanie Rubin, Chief Executive Officer

Texans Care for Children has been driving policy change to improve the lives of Texas children for over 30 years.

Kathleen Fletcher, President/CEO

Voices for Children of San Antonio, with about 50 local organizations and Pre-K 4 SA, provide all-day free professional development events for child care providers. These events are now annual in nine of the ten council districts; approximately 250 providers attend each event, about 4,000 (unduplicated) providers in four years.


Moe Hickey, President and CEO

Founded in 1985, Voices for Utah Children is celebrating three decades of speaking out on behalf of Utah Children in 2015.


Amy Strite, Executive Director

Voices for Virginia’s Children was founded in 1994, and many of those who helped organize it and were on its first Board of Directors are still involved in its work today.


Stephan Blanford, Executive Director

At the annual Washington Children’s Alliance “Have a Heart for Kids” Day, policymakers and staff come to the windows when they hear the high school drumline at the front of Children’s Alliance’s kid-led march around the Washington state capitol.

West Virginia

Tricia Kingery, Executive Director

In 1990, West Virginia KIDS COUNT was born out of a Task Force formed by former Governor Gaston Caperton to address the needs of West Virginia children and families.


Michele Mackey, CEO/Executive Director

Kids Forward, formerly the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, began operations before the United States adopted the use of time zones in 1883.