All children are safe in their homes and communities from all forms of abuse, neglect, exploitation or violence, avoid risky behaviors, and contribute to community well-being. The Partnership supports:

  • Strength-based child and family services focused on prevention
  • Child welfare services that preserve families, where possible, and address children’s social, developmental, educational, and safety needs
  • High quality foster care and other placement services that address the needs of foster children (including children’s mental health and developmental needs that are the consequence of maltreatment), reunify children where possible, and establish and sustain bonds with caring adults and other mentors
  • Adoption services that provide permanent homes for children and continue to meet their special needs through post-adoption services
  • Transition plans and services that meet the needs of youth as they grow into adulthood and “age out” of child welfare and juvenile justice systems
  • Commitments within all child-serving systems to ensuring that the needs of children for permanent relationships with caring adults are fostered and maintained
  • Youth development programs and opportunities that build resiliency, strengthen community involvement, and prepare youth for adulthood
  • Juvenile justice approaches with a restorative community justice emphasis
  • Substance abuse and mental health treatments that are based upon effective models positively impacting children, youth, and families
  • Comprehensive gun safety laws


Every state has its own laws, policies, and programs that protect children from harm and keep them safe from risky behavior. As a result, Partnership for America’s Children members work to improve children’s safety in a wide variety of ways. Below are some of the approaches our members have taken recently to ensure that all children are safe and contribute to their community well-being, and initiatives that have been successful:

Marion County Commission On Youth, Inc. (MCCOY) persuaded the Indiana legislature to pass a stronger bullying prevention bill in 2013. 
The Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy in New York state promotes effective, high-quality systems to aid at-risk families, prevent entry into the child welfare system, and improve wellbeing for children who are in care. It advocates for accountable public systems, including robust data regarding child outcomes and expenditures of funds.
CHILDREN AT RISK in Texas successfully advocated for human trafficking legislation that protects children forced into prostitution.

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